TREATMENTS: Custom Orthotics


Many of our patients suffer from similar foot and ankle conditions; however, we treat each case uniquely. By understanding not only your podiatric disease, deformity, or other medical condition, but also your specific lifestyle needs, we can better create a course of treatment or recommend footwear that will help relieve your issues.

The complexity of the workings of your feet and ankles makes this a part of your body that may need significant attention, so we don’t rush you through treatment. At our office, we take the time to provide you with comprehensive foot care education and give you the treatment that you need and deserve.


What are Custom Orthotics?

Looking for custom orthotics in the Fort Myers area but you’re not sure where to find them or even know what they are? Let us help you.

Orthotics is a fancy term for a foot pad or heel insert. Some call them insoles, inserts or footbeds and can be bought at your local pharmacy but for the best podiatry custom orthotics Fort Myers has to offer, you should contact Dr. Joseph Campbell and Dr. Bradley Habuda.

Orthotics are inserts added inside the footwear to support the foot’s natural structure. Orthotic pads can help prevent or correct foot deformities. They can also align and support your ankle or foot. All to give a patient more comfort, relieve pain and help their gate. Your feet are the base of support of your entire skeletal structure, they may affect the entire body if they are tilted.

Custom orthotics last much longer than options purchased over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. Yes, there is more an expense with custom foot pads but hey usually are more effective, providing more support and correction.

More about Custom Orthotics

A custom orthotic is a device made and customized to the shape of your foot. Generally, orthotics are risk-free. There may be a period of adjustment for the body but ultimately, custom orthotics can help with a variety of issues.

  • plantar fasciitis, heel pain
  • arthritis, affects joints of the foot
  • diabetes, which interferes with circulation in the feet
  • metatarsalgia, a painful foot disorder that affects the bones and joints at the ball of the foot

How can Custom Orthotics Help Me?

Some of the areas where patients have had success are:

  • Shock Absorption – Patients with high arched, rigid feet typically have difficulty with absorbing shock due to their foot’s inability to flex and dissipate force on impact. A foot like this requires a flexible, soft orthotic.
  • Structural Imbalances – Structural and positional abnormalities of the feet and/or lower limb can negatively affect foot function during walking and running.
  • Pronation and Supination – Excessive pronation is movement of the ankle towards your midline during the stance phase of the gait cycle With this excessive, abnormal movement at the foot and ankle comes excessive, abnormal internal rotation of the tibia resulting in shearing forces at the knee. When the knee rotates inward the hip and pelvis follow resulting in shearing forces at the hip and sacroiliac joints. Depending on how a patient compensates will dictate where injuries occur.
  • Custom orthotics can aide in helping hip problems, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, shin splints, knee arthritis and runner or jumpers knee.

Fort Myers Custom Orthotics

It is important to note that custom orthotics are not a “cure” for what problems are naturally occurring with your feet but they can definitely help give more comfort and alleviate pain.

If you are in pain or have discomfort, schedule an appointment with our podiatrists today. Upon assessing your overall health they will use their expert training to evaluate your situation. A doctor will examine your feet, how you walk and help decide if custom orthotics is a viable need for you. In order to design and fabricate a prescription foot orthosis, the podiatrist must perform a biomechanical examination of the foot and lower extremities, do measurements and make a model of your foot. Your Fort Myers podiatrist might also recommend additional treatments to improve the comfort and overall function of your feet.

Custom orthotics are made for you, your foot, to help you with your particular needs. Contact your Fort Myers Foot Doctor for your custom orthotics today.

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